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Hello, We're LCHT

Welcome to the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT). We're anti-trafficking and we think you should be, too.  In 2005, we began as a small group of dedicated volunteers who launched Polaris Project Colorado, committed to doing our part.

Our actions mattered and yours will too. They absolutely must.

Just as the environmental movement has taught us we can make a difference by recycling or eating locally, ‪every small action contributes to the fight against human trafficking.‬ We're asking you to join us in becoming part of the solution.

Why The "Laboratory"?

Human trafficking is not a new phenomenon. Activists have worked throughout history to eradicate slavery and exploitation, and no one organization or individual stands alone in this movement. The problem is complex and constantly changing, and everyone must play a role in creating a solution as organic and adaptive as the issue itself. For that reason, we view this process as an iterative one—it will take multiple strategies, a wealth of creativity, innovation, and the determination to push forward in the face of adversity.

Ours is not a laboratory of beakers and burners, but rather a laboratory for the exchange of thoughts, ideas and research. While our approach to combating trafficking is strategic, our experiments are occasionally messy and...hopelessly human. But as inevitable as missteps and setbacks are in this work, we believe real social change is just around the corner.

Human Trafficking in Colorado